First Presbyterian Church, Cottage Grove, OR
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Presbyterian Church (USA),

Karen Hill


10:00 am
on first
Sunday of
every month

Office Hours
Tuesday -
9:30 am
to 12:30 pm

216 South Third Street, PO Box 541, Cottage Grove, OR 97424
541-942-4479; fax 541-942-9051,

To get your announcement into the bulletin, please contact the church office by noon on Wednesdays.

May 7–14, 2017

OFFICE HOURS: The church office will be open Tuesday through Friday, 9:30–12:30. Karen Hill will be in the office during most office hours. In an emergency, please call the office, the Deacons on call, or Karen at 1-505-331-7101. Karen’s email is

Sella Libby (541-767-3015) and Susan Johnson (541-942-3397)

Barbara Gant (541) 942-3411

EVICTION OF THE ANTS As it gets closer to summer, ants like to find water and edibles within the church. We have formally given them their eviction notice and are presently treating the problem. However, they will continue to squat if we make it comfortable for them. Please clean up all food, crumbs, etc. you may have on the tables, floors, counters to help us combat this problem. If you have food or kids who have food, please be diligent. If you are using the kitchen equipment, please remember to run the disposal before the dishwasher. As a reminder, the office staff will be putting up signs as well.

NOW THAT OUR BIBLES AND HYMNALS ARE IN THE PEWS, we want to get the old ones out to people who will treasure them. Most of those books have dedications in them. Please stop by the table in Friendship Hall after the service to see if you or someone you love dedicated one (or more!). There is a slip of paper in each one indicating the names inside. Please take what you like. We will be working to contact people who do not attend church but might want one. After May 7, we will assume you have taken what you wanted and will find homes for as many as possible. Also, if there is an error, or you would like to change a dedication you made in the new books, we can still make those changes. Please contact Ardis Belknap or Wendy Kelsh to make corrections.

“A PLACE FOR ALL PEOPLE” FILM FESTIVAL is presently being hosted by the Cottage Grove Public Library. The festival displays works directed by black Americans in conjunction with “A Place For All People,” the Smithsonian African-American History poster exhibit featured in the library during the month of May. Everything Thursday at 5:30PM, a film will be shows in the Reception Hall of the community center.

For more details call 541-942-3828.

May 11 Do The Right Thing
May 1813th
May 25 – Selma
June 1Their Eyes Were Watching God

(Franky-note: If you are planning on going and you have to choose between dates, all of these films are wonderful, but I highly, highly recommend either 13th and/or Selma. Absolutely remarkable film making.)


Fri. May 19  – Family Pizza and  Movie Night at the church. Save the date!
Sun. May 21  at 11:30 – Youth Group Meeting (Spring Bells with start with a rehearsal at the May 21 youth group meeting.)

Joke of the week: Why is the letter A like a flower? Because a Bee comes after it.

The grape juice and wine used in Communion is made and processed locally; the wine is from Saginaw Vineyard.

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Members install a bench in memory of long-time pastor, Hugh Peniston
To read about our history of service to our local and global community and current programs, please go to our Community Page.

If you would like more information about these programs and about how to work with us in our mission activities (or perhaps to make a donation through our church), please contact the church office for the details.

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